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Other APPs (such as TPC e-Counter, and power is points )

Web service TPC e-Counter App

Innovative and diversified products and services will be developed via mobile carrier in order to enhance customer’s experience and to strengthen customer satisfaction. The App provides five major functions of management of user’s customer number and case, power use application, push notification, account service, and inquiry of service center. In 2018 we introduced the App service for intermediate settlement application and payment, and for payment of line installation fee for power use application. In the future we will continue to integrate diversified products and service modes to the APP to develop the five major mobile carrier development strategies of diversified payment services, transparent power consumption information, bilateral safety report, integrated energy service, and customer management community in order to comprehensively strengthen user experience and implement the business vision based on the orientations of customer and smart mobile service.

 ◆TPC e-Counter App function

Personal zone (management of user’s customer number and case), power use application, push notification, account service, and inquiry of service center.

 ◆Account service – electricity bill inquiry and payment

This is for inquiry of power consumption and amount of due payment of this period. And the payment can be made by either credit card or bar code.

 ◆Power use application – change of power use data and application for onsite inspection

 ◆Personal zone – management of user’s customer number and case

The latest electricity bill information and case progress can be checked at any time by entering the customer number and case in the personal management zone of the App.

 ◆Push notification

By joining the customer number and case in the personal management zone of this App, the user will receive the notification of the latest status of electricity bill and case progress according to the customer number.

Power is point

In order to strengthen the interaction with users and to enhance the energy saving awareness, TPC developed the “Power is point” APP, which was launched on April 20, 2018, and it provided creative energy saving activities such as puzzle quiz and treasure hunt games. After an user signed up as a member with the ID of cell phone number, he/she can be granted certain points by participating in various activities on this APP. The accumulated points can be used to redeem certain products or to participate in the lucky draw.

“Power is point” is the first point collection APP introduced by TPC. It appears to be an APP for users to collect and redeem points, it is actually the specific application of customer loyalty program which has been going on for years in foreign countries. A lot of foreign electricity enterprises (such as Tokyo Electric Power Company, Kansei Electric Power, and E.ON Power Company) and some domestic businesses (such as Pxmart, 7-11, and HappyGO) have also tried to keep their customers via close interaction and point collection and redemption mechanism.

Even though now the point collection function of this APP is mainly about the promotion of energy saving, it has been under consideration into all sales and activity promotion of TPC in the scope of point collection such that TPC’s ideas, products, and services can be more accurately delivered to users to obtain the feedback opinions from them. And the horizontal alliance can be formed via point exchange strategy so that users using TPC’s services can be awarded the value-added benefits,and it can be put in the first place.