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Ancillary services in Taipower

In keeping with global trends, the Taiwanese government is making every effort to promote renewable energies. The Taiwan government amended the Electricity Law in 2017, setting a target of 20% of electricity from renewable energy, 50% of natural gas, and 27% of coal-fired power plants and other resources.

In order to integrate a large amount of renewable energies and remain the system’s stability and reliability, Taipower has adopted four different types of auxiliary services, including Fast Response, Regulation, Spinning Reserve, and Supplemental Reserve to cope with the uncertainty, intermittence and uncontrollability of renewable energies.

The challenges of the new era should be solved with new technologies. Taipower plans to introduce nonconventional resources such as energy storage systems, demand response and other fast response power generation resources to increase system flexibility. By the end of 2019, three battery energy storage systems with 3 MW have been installed in Taiwan to help stabilize the system frequency.