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Demand response


In order to increase the reliability of power supply and energy efficiency, Taipower has introduced demand response programs since 1979. The following programs have been implemented at present:
(1) Time of Use Rates
(2) Seasonal Rates
(3) Off-Peak preferential Rate for Ice Storage Central Air Conditioning System
(4) Demand Response & Load Management Program
    1.Scheduled Load Reduction Program
    2.Emergency Load Reduction Program
    3.Demand Bidding Program
    4.Interruptible Air Conditioning Program


In order to reduce the demand for power and the growth of peak load, Taipower has implemented demand response program to encourage customers to transfer the period of production process from peak load to off-peak load. In August 2019, which was the month with the most users joining“Demand Response & Load Management Programs (excluding Interruptible Air Conditioning Program)”, 2,096 customers applied and the amount of contracted reduction load was 2,450 MW. During the peak day (Jul 17, 2019), the peak load was clipped by 1,120 MW.