The monitoring and control of the smart grid are a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency resources that are with the computer-controlled applications.
In response to the policy of energy transition in Taiwan, a great amount of renewable energy will be installed in the future. To reduce the impacts of the distribution energy resources, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is improving its monitoring and control system at each control centers and is developing applications such as Green Energy Estimate Monitor System (GEMS) and Distribution Renewable Energy Advanced Management System (DREAMS) to solve the uncertainty of renewable energy and to maintain the power system quality.

Monitoring and Control Systems of Taipower

Introduction of Monitoring and Control Structure

TPC aims to provide secure, reliable, and high-quality power through a three-tier Hierarchical Dispatching Control Structure as shown in the figure below that includes Central, Area, and Distribution Dispatch Control Center (CDCC/ADCC/DDCC). The three-tier centers a responsible for the generations and trunk networks (i.e., 345kV and 161kV tie line among ADCCs), the 161/69kV networks, and the 22.8/11.4kV distribution systems, respectively.