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  • Driving the Power, Running the Future Forum

    Smart grid not only promotes the power 
    system flexbility but also collects a lot 
    of power consuming data. Is there any 
    application for these data?
    Taipower hence conducted a "driving the 
    power, running the future" forum on 10th 
    April for exchaning smart grid data 

  • Smart Grid Management

    1. Measures to boost the resilience of power grid.
    2. The power transmission equipment management system.
    3. The Intelligent fault locating system
    4. The tunnel Settings Auxiliary system
    5. The Automatic Monitoring System

  • Smart Power Dispatching and Generation

    1. The Green Energy Estimate Monitor System
    2. The Renewable Energy Power Generation System Parallel Technical Guidelines
    3. The Power Trading Market.

  • Energy Storage System

    1. Pumped-storage hydroelectricity
    2. The deployment plan of energy storage system
    3. The current progress of TPC's deployment of energy storage system.
    4. The two storage applications: peak load shifting and frequency regulation.
    5. The spinning reserve ancillary services.
    6. The price for energy storage is decreasing.

  • Demand Side Management

    1. Service from the website for users
    2. Demand Side Management
    3. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
    4. The energy-saving service

  • Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure

    1. The Information Infrastructure
    2. The TPC's data governance and talent cultivation
    3. The information security policy
    4. The Communication Infrastructure
    5. The Backbone/Regional Optical Fiber Communication System Enhancement

  • Regulation and Workforce

    1. Modification and enactment of related regulations about Smart Grid
    2. Power System Operation Direction